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Full websites for the medical industry

Bancroft specializes in professional, state of the art and cost-effective website solutions for medical professionals.

Each program includes a responsive, medical website designed especially for you, server hosting, unique text, customized and licensed photos, SSL, SEO, ongoing updates, and more. All for only $350 per month!

No set-up, no commitment, no cancellation fees!

Professional, Custom Website Design

Domain Name, Email and Server Hosting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Continual Support and Updates

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Bancroft includes custom website design, search engine optimization, managed server hosting, email and domain name,
SSL, and ongoing website and server updates with EVERY website leasing program for only $350 per month!

For the same services, our competition would charge you approximately: $10,000 upfront and $2,000 per month…

Web Design
Optimization (SEO)
Managed Server Hosting
Ongoing Site Updates

Enduring Innovation!

“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” ~ David Allan Coe

Unique and Expansive Features

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Stand the Test of Time

Our websites, databases and servers are continuously updated. Each site will grow with your business as well as with the amazing changes of the technological world so that it is never outdated. Our websites continue to grow as your business grows!

Professional Websites

We take care of everything for you

Complete website options for medical professionals.

For a set, monthly price, you will receive an innovative and interactive website that is hosted on a secure server and maintained to work with current technologies and search engine algorithms.

We continuously update your website and server to ensure that your internet presence is always up to date… from the day we turn it over to you and for years to come.

All of our website leasing programs include…

and so much more!

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Our Featured Website Industries

Bancroft offers complete website design, hosting and maintenance programs to meet the distinct needs of a variety of professionals within the medical industry. You can view a list of our featured specialties below, including complete website program details and pricing, or contact us to discuss website options for other medical specialty websites or for uniquely designed programs.

Dental Websites


$350 per month

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Veterinary Websites


$350 per month

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Veterinary Websites

Physical Therapy

$350 per month

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Psychiatry Websites


$350 per month

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Bancroft creates complete and cost-effective website programs for a variety of medical professionals. If you did not see your industry listed above, then CLICK HERE to see a list of all of our products. If you still do not see your industry or specialty in our shop, then please Request a Free Consultation and we will map out a custom option. We look forward to working with you.

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“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” ~ Walt Disney

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Customer Testimonials

Whether you are a dentist, veterinarian, optometrist, or pediatrician, Bancroft can provide you a professional, “hassle-free” website and hosting solution for only $350 per month. A quality product that is managed and updated regularly, professional and state of the art, all for a reasonable monthly cost… it really is possible! Please contact us if you have any questions on how to get started.

But… before you do, see what some of our existing customers have to say about our services.


Janice T.

“The great people at Bancroft created a fantastic website for my office. The process from sign up to delivery was very easy. They walked me through the entry questionnaire and then took care of everything from there. My website was up and running in 4 days!!! I would definitely recommend them to any dentist looking for an online presence.”

Very Happy.

Terry S.

“I am very pleased with my choice and recommend Bancroft as a top quality website development and hosting company. ”

The Best!

Robert M.

“Bancroft did a fantastic job! Everything works perfectly. I can’t say enough about their excellent job.”

Great Choice!

Jeffrey B.

“I am so happy with the website Bancroft Websites has created for me. Everything is clean and functions perfectly (no broken links – even a year later). Perfect choice.”

Worth It!

Sarah T.

“Bancroft has been a pleasure to work with. They made it so simple to have a website created that represents our office in the professional manner that we continually strive for. I cannot believe how many advertisements we receive for web designers; and, honestly, chose Bancroft because we did not have to pay a huge set up or creation fee and could cancel any time. It took all of the risk out of the decision and we are so happy! We highly recommend Bancroft!”


James N.

“My practice has been working with Bancroft for over a year. We are still only paying $350/month and are very happy. They update the site often. I strongly recommend!”

So Easy.

Suzy W.

“So happy! All of the images on my website are clear and line up. The text is clean and organized. All of my forms work. All of the links work. I had to do everything on my last website and it just never looked quite right (I am talented but web design is not my thing)… I will tackle cleaning a horse’s teeth over adding a new page to my website any day! Bancroft has been wonderful and created the website that I had always dreamed of for me. One less problem to stress about! Thank you so much!”


Sean M.

“Bancroft made the process so easy for us. In less than a week our website was impressing our clients and attracting new ones. We look forward to a long relationship with this world class team.”

About Us

Founded in 2003, Bancroft was created to provide comprehensive and innovative services at cost effective and dependable rates to small business owners. We look at the “big picture” of a company and work with the owners to enhance the primary aspects of their company (marketing, operations, documentation, location, and more) to create the strongest and most profitable business possible.

Our current emphasis on a cost effective, all-inclusive website option for medical professionals was created for our customers. Most medical business owners are not web designers, writers or Photoshop experts… they do not have the skill, the time or the interest to create a website on their own. Nor do they have a slush fund of $10,000 to $20,000 to have a custom website built for them. They needed that middle ground of a professionally managed website and hosting package that could be budgeted across time.

Hence, Bancroft’s professional website division for medical professionals was born!

We take care of everything!

Website design, managed hosting, domain, SEO, maintenance, and more…

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